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Customer Review

Had the chance to complete the rozanna set using songket and pu. The tutorial and the pola was so easy to understand and applied! Love it and gonna make some more!

Wahiidah Mustafa


The size of this bag is just nice, and the pattern goes together easily. Love it! My bag was done in faux leather and cotton for the exterior and waterproof canvas for the interior.

Chera Phipody


Yang rasa macam tak berapa nak yakin jahit jangan risau, pattern ni datang sekali dengan video tutorial, boleh pelan2 kayuh nak faham kan, tapi pattern ni memang mudah je sebenarnya, tak perlu jahit part pelik2

Sunarti Sidek


"Surprisingly easy to sew yet such a stylish look. The front buckle gives it a really elegant look. Get your pattern now and make one yourself. Video tutorial available."

Kerry Makepeace

South England

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